When I was a child I wanted to be…
and suddenly here I am, my name is Davide and these are the first steps into the difficult art of running a company, in my case my restauraunt named “Antiche Mura”. “Antiche Mura” is located within the medieval walls of the citycentre of my hometown, namely Riva del Garda. Here you will have the opportunity to taste traditional meals modernised and reinvented by me thanks to my previous working experiences in the field.
What is more, if you are planning to go on a trip but you are searching for suggestions, why not visiting Riva del Garda and let yourself surprise by how many involving adventures you may experience there? In this respect, we have the right solution for you! “Antiche Mura” is not only an original restaurant, but also an elegant and characteristic B&B where you can find Debora, who will receive you at the reception and offer you some important information for your trip, including answering the various questions you may have about the city, the main attractions you really cannot miss, and so on.
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